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How to Use Kelle

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018 12:48PM CDT

Kelle is a virtual assistant that helps you build daily habits to run your business in these ways:

  • Kelle + Referrals - Receive/track referrals and build your referral network.
  • Kelle + KWConnect - Find content and connect with agents.
  • Kelle + CGI - Track and update your CGI Goals.  
Ask Kelle General Questions
You can ask Kelle general questions that can help you build your daily habits (e.g. “What is the
66 day challenge?”).
Kelle is still learning and improving; Kelle will soon know all about real estate as more people use the app.

Kelle + Referrals
Kelle connects with the Referrals platform for you to receive/track referrals and build your agent-to-agent referral network.

Referral Notifications
Kelle will send you
push notifications that will display without opening the app. For example, these may be a Referral Request or Network Notification.   


1. Open the Kelle app to view the referral.  

  • To learn more about a Referral Request, click View.
  • To accept a Network Invitation, tap the checkmark icon.
  • To reject a Network Invitation, tap the X icon.   


Grow Your Referral Network with Kelle
A Keller Williams agent can send you a request to join their Referral network.

1. Tap either Accept or Reject to respond to the request.


Receive Referrals with Kelle
Kelle will notify you of referrals along with details such as the price range, referral fee, and time frame.   

1. To view more details about the referral, tap View Details.

2. View the details and tap either Accept, Counter, or Reject to respond to the referral.  


When you tap Accept Offer, you can add an optional note for the referring agent.   When you tap Counter Referral, include the acceptance fee, acceptance deadline, and an optional note to the referring agent.
When you tap Reject Offer, you can add an optional note for the referring agent.

3. Complete the referral by indicating how the referral was completed.

  • Tap either Closed or Did Not Close
  • Enter a note (optional)
  • Tap Complete

Track Your Referrals with Kelle
You can track your referrals through Kelle.

1. Ask Kelle to see the status of your referrals (e.g. “Show me the status of my referrals.”).

2. The status of your referrals will display.


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