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Information on the various financial and statistical reports available to Keller Williams associates.
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  1. questionWhy can't I change my profile? It says that my password is incorrect.
    When editing your login and password credentials in your profile, please be aware that these fields are case sensitive unlike the fields used when logging into the intranet. If you are unsure which characters are uppercase or lowercase, please look up retrieve your password using the 'Forgot P ...
  2. questionWhere can I find a list of all of the Keller Williams approved vendors?
    There is a list of approved vendors on the Intranet in the Marketing/Vendors section. 1. Log in to: 2. Select the "Search Vendors" button on the right-hand side of the site.
  3. questionI need to have my signage approved.
    Please be sure to review the Standards and Identity Guide which covers all marketing requirements for signage and branding. The SI Guide is available at If you're still unsure, please forward your inquiry to
  4. questionHow do I add my photo to the Market Center website?
    All agents must have a photo uploaded and labeled as their Agent/Team photo in their photo library on their website admin tool in order for it to feed to their market center roster. In the Agent Website Admin Tool select option 1.3 (Manage Photo Library), then upload a photo selecting the Age ...
  5. questionHow can I change my intranet username?
    Please use the following instructions to update your username. 1. Log into the KW Intranet ( 2. Click on [Edit] next to "My Profile" 3. Update your User Name and any other information 4. Click Save at the bottom
  6. questionHow do I locate my Profit Share Report?
    To locate your Profit Share Report, do the following: Login to Click on Reports Expand Financials Click Profit Share
  7. questionThe New Calendar (Market Center) in MyKW Explained...
    You may have noticed the Calendar in MyKW. You also may have noticed that Keller Williams University is no longer posting the training events at a Market Center level. These two issues are actually related. Until 2010, the Calendar in MyKW does not serve a purpose. Once we release this feature, ...
  8. questionWhere did the e-Card system go?
    The e-card system is still available on our Classic Intranet, however there are no plans to upgrade the system for use on our New Intranet platform. You may continue to use this system for the time being but, please be aware the old E-Card Center and Address Book will no longer be available as o ...
  9. questionI forgot my intranet login.
    Intranet Login/Password Retrieval For security reasons, we'll need you to please use the 'Forgot Password' tool on the login page of the KW Intranet: You will be asked to provide your Email, Username or Social Security Number for identification purposes. You will then have ...
  10. questionHow can I remove the Distressed Properties link under My Communities profile?
    Question: "How can I remove the Distressed Properties link under My Communities profile. I do not specialize in that and want to be able to list my true specialties." Answer: Distressed Properties is information that we make available to every KW Associate, since REOs and Short Sales are a ma ...
  11. questionHow can I change my intranet password?
    Click Here to change your mykw intranet password. Save changes once your password is changed.
  12. questionThe videos aren't working on KWU or KWConnect
    There are three things that would cause this to happen. Your ISP (internet service provider) may block this type of content (video) on their network. This is not likely, but we have heard of this happening before. Your internet connection may be to slow. Are you using dial-up or are you ...
  13. questionHow do I configure my Microsite auto-responder forms?
    Our Microsite has a default auto-responder messages already saved in the system. The auto-responder message is the email that is automatically sent to the consumer once they fill out and submit the contact form. The form response message is the message the consumer will view on the webpage after ...
  14. questionWhy is the wrong office showing on my website?
    In order for your website to accurately reflect the MC where you are active, please use the following instructions: 1) Log into Website Administration Tool 2) Click the Save button. This simply refreshes the settings in your website and will resolve this issue.
  15. questionHow do I configure my Microsite?
    1. Log in here using your intranet credentials. Before you configure your Microsite, you must read and accept the Terms and Conditions for use. 2 When entering a name for your Microsite, the name you choose must follow these parameters: a. The name must be unique and not be ...
  16. questionHow can I become a Keller Williams approved vendor?
    Keller Williams Realty International's Approved Vendor Program is an elite opportunity for your company to be part of the Keller Williams team. Our company is one of the fastest growing, most innovative real estate companies in North America. As an approved vendor, you will enjoy the opportuni ...
  17. questionI have a role, but I get a message saying " I do not have permission to access this page"
    This happens frequently when people have more than one role. The permissions from your other role get "stuck" in the computer's temporary internet files. Click the link below for instructions on clearing them out in Internet Explorer ...
  18. questionHow to clean cache in Opera
    How to clean cache in Opera How to clean cache in Opera 9.0< • Select Tools -> Preferences. • Open the Advanced sub-categories and select "History". • Select "Empty now" next to "Disk Cache" and "Memory Cache". • Click OK to clean cache. How to clean cache in Oper ...
  19. questionDo we have any recruiting resources?
    Your MCA can give you an agent role which will give you access to a website that you can use for recruiting if you wish. Here are some good links too:
  20. questionWhat should I wear to Family Reunion?
    Business casual dress is recommended during the daytime events with business attire during the IALC meetings. Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes! On the evening of Red Bash show your Keller Williams pride by wearing RED! The Awards Ceremony on the following night is a more formal occa ...
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