How do I request an IDX (wolfnet property search) on my website and is it free?

WolfNet IDX (aka a consumer property search and registration function) is your key to having a real estate website that generates leads for you. The KW websites provide integration with WolfNet (our approved vendor for IDX). In most markets, this tool is available to you for free, so we strongly encourage you to sign up for WolfNet IDX and begin fully utilizing it!

The full instructions:

1.Log into the intranet

2.Navigate to Technology menu at the top of the screen

3.Click on Agent Website

4.Select Agent Website Administration

5.Navigate to step 4.0 then 4.1 and click "Yes! Set up my eAgentC IDX Powered by Wolfnet" and hit the 'Sign Up' button.

6.If your local MLS requires any additional forms you will see a notification.  Please contact your MCA or MC Tech Coordinator to obtain any additional forms or click on this link

7.Whether or not there is a fee will be specified in the MLS agent agreement form. All fees from WolfNet are complimentary to KW agents. The only fees that may be incurred are for individual MLSs.

Once you click the radio button and submit, your data will be set to WolfNet that night.  WolfNet starts the set up of an IDX solution for you.  Though setup can sometimes occur within a few days, please note that it may take up to 2 weeks depending on your MLS and the contract approval process.  Click on this link to determine of your MLS requires documentation  You must verify all MLS approval documents have been signed and delivered to the MLS and the MLS has sent the verification to Wolfnet. You will receive a Welcome Letter from WolfNet once everything is in place.

Note that setting up WolfNet IDX is just the first step! Creating custom search links to highlight community specific data on your website is a very powerful option to offer your consumers, and capturing user registration information is a very powerful lead generation tool for you!

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