What are the PMS and CMYK color codes for KW red?

KW Print Logo Colors in PMS:

KW® Red: Pantone Matching System 200
KW® Gray: Pantone Matching System 424


KW Print Logo Colors in CMYK:

KW® Red:
C=0 M=100
Y=66 K=13

KW® Gray:
C=0 M=0
Y=0 K=61


KWU Print Logo Colors in PMS:

KWU – Black and Pantone Matching System 200
KWU Connect – Black and Pantone Matching System 3165
KWU MAPS Institute – Black and Pantone Matching System 261

KW Standard Web Colors in Hex & RGB:

KW® Red:
Hex: #B40101   
RGB: 180-1-1
Dark Red:
Hex: #990000  
RGB: 153-0-0
RGB: 239-239-222
Hex: #A19F91
RGB: 161-159-145
Light Taupe:
Hex: #DFDFD9 
RGB: 223-223-217
Gray 1
Hex: #333333   
RGB: 51-51-51
Gray 2
Hex: #666666   
RGB: 102-102-102
Gray 3
Hex: #999999   
RGB: 153-153-153
Gray 4
RGB: 204-204-204
Gray 5
Hex: #F2F2EE  
RGB: 242-242-238
Gray 6
Hex: #F5F5F5   
RGB: 245-245-245
Hex: #000000   
RGB: 0-0-0


Updated Date: 12/11/09

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