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KWLS Expiry Date

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2018 04:09PM CST
If a listing is in active status (not pending, contingent, under contract, etc.), and syndicating out from your MLS into your KWLS, and if your ListHub Enabled box is checked, then the expiration date for that listing will always be 14 days past the current date. Regardless of the actual expiration date in the MLS, the KWLS will display an expiration date 14 days in the future. This means that the agents will not need to change these dates in the KWLS because they will always update as long as an active feed is coming over. The expiration dates themselves are not important because they are not published on the websites.
The expiration date will automatically update by one day each time the new feed comes over from the MLS (Every day), keeping the expiration date 14 days past the current date. Once the listing status is changed in the MLS (the listing is sold, expired, or put into pending status) then the feed to the KWLS will stop and the expiration date will stay on the date it is on when the feed stops. The listing will then have a 14-day window in the KWLS before it expires there. Once the listing is expired in the KWLS, it will no longer syndicate to the publisher sites like Zillow, Trulia, etc.
The expiration date in the KWLS is an excellent place to check if the active feed from the MLS is still pulling into the KWLS each day. If you notice that the expiration date has stopped updating, then the listing status in the MLS has changed or something else is interfering with the feed coming over. If you notice this, you can double-check the other areas of your KWLS to ensure the ListHub Enabled check box is checked and your Market Center still has an active ListHub KW Connector account. When everything else is checked and turned on, you can contact the Support Team at or call 512-306-7191, and they will be able to investigate the matter further to see why the listing feed from the MLS stopped.


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