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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2017 10:42AM CDT
The Market Center Intranet is a community communication tool used to communicate with an entire market center.

Through the MC Intranet:

Agents can post on "The Blend" to communicate listings, open houses, or other events.
Market Center leadership can communicate with everyone in the Market Center at once.
Market Center Digest preferences can be edited so agents are aware of what is happening in their Market Center.

Below are frequently asked questions related to the MC Intranet.



How do I start receiving the digest email?
It automatically begins to send to any and all associates that click the link to enter the mykw | Market Center for the first time.
How do I turn off the digest email?Click the 'Site settings' Icon (symbol that looks like a gear) on the Start page.Click the 'My Preferences button and check off the 'never' button at the bottom of the page in the Email Digests section. Then click the Update Frequency button to save.the Start page.Click the 'My Preferences button and check off the 'never' button at the bottom of the page in the Email Digests section. Then click the Update Frequency button to save.

Can associates turn off emails coming from leadership?
No, associates cannot unsubscribe to these messages. The email system is meant only for purposeful, business communication. There are strict rules against marketing that can be found in the same place where emails are sent out.
Can I and/or the entire Market Center be updated to receive email for each post?
All associates receive all information and communication in a daily digest that sums up everything going on in their Market Center, rather than the multitude of individual emails or text messages. The Daily Digest email contains links to the actual posts so associates can read and comment directly from the email. “Daily Digest” is the default setting, based on our research with and feedback from our Market Centers. However, associates may adjust their “Preferences” for specific communication channels from which they would like to receive a direct communication.
How can I send an attachment with a group email? (staff only)?
This system is not intended to be a mail client; it is a tool to assist with interoffice tasks.  Therefore, it is not capable of sending attachments in emails. Please send all attachments in your personal email account. However, you can include a link to any document or post (photo or PDF) already in the system that has said attachment:

1. Go to the location of the item you want to link to.
2. Right-click and select “Copy Shortcut” or “Copy Link Location.”
3. When composing the email blast, you have the option of pasting the URL directly or using it to create a hyperlink with existing text.
4. After the email is sent, the system provides an additional layer of security, so that only those with a login can view or retrieve its content.

Is there a plan in the works to add Instant Messaging for individuals connected to the Intranet?
There is plan for a chat feature for those online. For those not online or just logged off, there is a plan for a messaging center. We have added instant messaging our feature request list.
If an agent has not yet logged into the Market Center Intranet, will they be able to receive emails sent from within the Intranet system?
Yes, all agents will receive email sent by leadership even if they haven’t logged in. By default, they begin to receive the daily digest after their initial login.
I'm a Regional Staff associate. If “Show in my office only” is not selected, which offices will my post appear in? The entire Region?
The entire MC Intranet system is based on the structure of the KW Organization. The Region can post to the entire Region, to any office underneath or just to a specific office of which they might be a member. 
We have 3 offices in our Market Center. How can we specify information for a particular office vs. the entire Market Center?
All of the Business Centers roll up to the Market Center Intranet. There is no way to specify a specific Business Center at this time.
How do I send a message to a specific group of associates?
Agents can create “Tags” in the Associates section. Staff can set up "Groups" in the Associates section for staff and the members of the groups to use for communication.
Who can see associate Tags I've created?
No one can see your personal “tags” except you.
On the Associate Summary page, where are the phone numbers pulling from?
 - Office Phone comes from the “Phone” field in the profile for the Market Center to which the associate belongs.
 - Business Phone comes from the “Business Phone” field in the associate’s personal White Pages profile.





What is the “Staff” event type on the calendar used for?
“Staff” event types are reserved for Market Center staff and leadership. These events are not visible to the agents when the Market Center calendar is viewed/and or printed. Staff event types include KW (International), Regional, Market Center, Training, Vendor and Staff.
Why is the time zone incorrect when I print the calendar?
The Print and Share feature for the Calendar checks the time zone setting on your local computer and adjusts all the times depending on where you are, at present, in North America. To update this within Windows, click on the date and time from the desktop, then select “Change date and time settings.”
I create a calendar each month of all the training and opportunities. If I use this calendar can I email a link to it to all our agents?
The calendar can be sent out as a PDF to agents or potential recruits using the "Print" feature.  Additionally, there is a "Subscribe" feature within the calendar that can be used to add the calendar to 3rd party applications, mobile devices, Outlook, etc. All links in each location of the system are “static,” meaning they can all be sent out whether it is a document, post, calendar, or resource, etc.

How are agents notified of a task? Is it only located in the Task tab, do they receive an email, or does it show up in their calendar?
They will receive an email notification and will also be notified on the banner at the top of the Intranet. The banner notification will flash at them until they click on it.
Is there a maximum number of events for a single day that can be displayed on the calendar?
Yes, the maximum number of events the monthly calendar will accommodate for any given day is 10. While you can add as many events to a single day as you wish, be sure that you are not using the calendar to schedule phone duty, floor time, or other events better managed by the Shift-Based Resource scheduler.


Is there a section for time sheets?
Blank time sheets can be maintained in the Documents section.
How much storage is available in the Documents section?
Market Centers can use up to 5GB of storage space.

What kinds of files can I upload into the Documents section?
The following file types are accepted (in alphabetical order):  *ai; *.doc; *.docx; *.eps; *.gif; *.jpeg; *.jpg; *.odp; *.ods; *.odt; *.pdf; *.png; *.pps; *.ppsx; *.ppt; *.pptx; *.pub; *.rtf; *.tif; *.tiff; *.txt; *.xls; *.xlsx
How do I create sub folders in the Documents section?
Documents can be organized into “Sections” instead of subfolders. Click Office > Documents > Manage Docs > Add Section to create a new section into which you can upload documents.



How does an associate get access to make changes to the mykw | Market Center Intranet?
Administration of the mykw | Market Center is controlled entirely from the roles assigned within an associate’s White Pages profile. To grant administrative access, Market Center leadership can request that a leadership role be added, or add the Administrative Staff role.
How do I update or remove a birthday from under the Associates tab?
Market Center Leadership must complete that action in the MORE system. If the associate does not want their birthday to display, it must be removed completely from the MORE system.

What is the “impersonate associate” feature for?
Anyone with an Staff role can log in as an associate to help troubleshoot that associate’s account or post on their behalf.
Why would an associate be showing up as Staff if they do not have an administrative role in White Pages?
It is most likely that the associate has a “hidden” associate role. We recommend you contact the agent and work directly with them to remove the hidden role.
Will VR (Vested Retired) agents who are still on our roster receive communications from the Market Center Intranet?
No, VR agents will not receive any notifications from the new MC Intranet.

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