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Last Updated: Dec 02, 2015 11:48AM CST

What exactly is eEdge and what’s the difference between the eAgentC and eEdge fees?

Both eEdge and eAgentC represent the KW Technology platform.

eEdge represents the technology systems and tools that agents need to leverage their 80% of activities related to clients and transactions. The eEdge lead-to-close real estate business solution is the industry’s first integrated technology of its kind. eEdge includes Lead Management, Contact Management, Marketing, and eTransactions, for a fee of $15/mo.

The goal of eEdge is to help KW associates make more money with excellent lead management, contact management, marketing, and transaction solutions.  We leveraged economies of scale to provide every KW associate with tools from top quality vendors who have mastered their individual specialty areas.  And we have integrated our KW systems into theirs to create a lead, contact, marketing and transaction management system all into one solution to eliminate many of the inefficiencies in using multiple tools like redundant data entry, steep learning curve, missed leads and more.  This represents the industry’s first integrated lead-to-close business solution.

eAgentC in addition to eEdge’s client and transaction technology tools, eAgentC provides all additional technology systems used to run a business on a day-to-day basis. eAgentC technology tools include the myKW Intranet with educational, coaching, events, cultural, industry research, reporting, vendor relationships, and many other business resources, and the KW lead network which includes, market center websites,, agent websites, and KWLS listing syndication. The eAgentC (Consortium) fee remains at $10. It was not increased with the decision to go with eEdge. 

Where can I find the timeline/rollout plan for eEdge?
The ongoing roadmap for new features and product additions is published on this page:!

Can additional features be requested for eEdge?
Our roadmap for eEdge will grow, as will the continued development of eAgentC products (ie, Agent Websites,, KWLS, myKW, and potential add-on’s to these products). The following page is for suggesting changes and weighing in on suggestions from others in the KW agent network. The eEdge Product Team uses these suggestions to help determine the next steps:

Is there an opt-out of eEdge for our Agents?
eEdge is available to all KW agents whether they choose to use it or not.

What is the average price if we were to go out and purchase all of these tools. What are the savings with eEdge?
To cover all functions provided by eEdge, you would pay approximately $314/month, and that would not include integration!

Is this a profit center for Keller Williams International?
No, we present a financial breakdown each year at the IALC business meeting during family reunion, just as we do with eAgentC, to demonstrate where the funds are being utilized.

What about Commercial?  Luxury?
We will be providing Commercial and Luxury specific marketing materials in the marketing center. Also, commercial specific contracts will be able to be attached to the transaction and utilize the e-transaction system.

What about training and support?
Training will be delivered in many formats:

  • Online Webinars
  • KW Connect training courses
  • Family Reunion Sessions
  • Tech Coordinator Training
  • Approved eEdge trainers
  • Support will be expanded to provide real time support through KW

Will Market Centers get a training version of the eEdge system.
Each market center gets a Market Center edition of eEdge, to be used as deemed appropriate.

Will there be different versions of eEdge. Can we get a more robust version if we pay more money?
There is a Market Leader Professional solution that integrates with eEdge, with add-on features leveraging the eEdge platform. Pricing for this product is generally about $100 a month but you can ask Market Leader directly at Eedge Pro Support: 1-866-224-9425 or if interested in upgrading to Pro.

I am a private subscriber with Market Leader. How does the eEdge version compare for agents?
If you are familiar with the Vision services, which is Market Leader’s agent version, you will recognize many of the same features. eEdge, however, is a custom built version for KW Associates, integrated seamlessly.

Will my contacts import into the new system?
Yes, you will have the ability to import your existing contacts via .csv file.  Existing action plans and notes may not transfer.

Is the system smart enough to eliminate duplicates?
Yes! As long as the first and last names are the same.

e.g. John Smith and John T. Smith will not match, but logic is written in to combine the two  if the phone number and/or email are the same.

How many contacts can I import at one time?
KWRI is working on your behalf to make the transition process as easy as possible for you. To that end, we are pleased to report that we are working with Market Leader to be able to import as many contacts per day as possible. Currently agents can import 5,000 contacts at one time and can import multiple contact list a day.

Can I customize the website domain that Market Leader gives me for my lead generation website?
Each agent can specify the prefix of their website domain. In addition, agents can always register their own custom domain.

Will there be listing detail or listing landing pages within the new system?
Yes, there will be listing detail pages as part of the eEdge agent websites, as well as the listing detail pages on, KWLS, and your KW agent website.

I am using the eEdge website and I’d like to edit it. How do I edit the eEdge website?
There is very little access to edit your eEdge website, or add content pages. Since your KW Agent Website allows more options for adding content, we recommend the following strategies regarding the eEdge website and the KW Agent Website:

  • The eEdge website is a set it and forget it site, that will be setup and google optimized with very few steps. This site is ideal for marketing to have not mets.
  • The KW eAgentc Website has more options for customizing content, so this site is your maximum option for marketing to your mets database and clients to whom you want to provide more personalized information and services.

Will my listing pages display my KWLS listings or my MLS/IDX listings?
Either, though until the MLS approval process is complete, KWLS listing pages will be used.

Where can I edit the biography details on my eEdge website?
This information is pulled from within the eedge system under your admin account information. Note that changes may not be immediate.

If you have our contacts, are you going to keep them if we leave?
This is one of the reasons we will be getting into a great relationship with a reputable third-party vendor. Agents' contacts will still be their contacts, and they can take them with them if they leave. We won't keep them. And we won't ever market to those people in any way.

Will we be able to import our Contact categories? e.g. Mets, Haven’t Mets, Vendors
Yes, Market Leader allows the import of contacts by groups.

In addition, support will be offered during and after the transition process, so that all KW associates will have the opportunity to transfer their Contact database quickly and painlessly during the startup process.

Can KW look at our database and harvest our clients?
KWRI’s commitment to you is to never interfere with your business development. As a KW associate, you have complete ownership of your client list.

From a technical standpoint, the contact database is stored with a 3rd party, and should you make the unfortunate decision to leave KW, you will have the opportunity to export your client list, or remain with the current myContacts provider (though not for the same discounted price).

What happens if a KW Agent leaves the company?
Should an agent make the decision to leave KW, he/she will have the opportunity to export their client list. This will be within a limited amount of time upon leaving.

In addition, the agent can continue to use the vendors that provide components within eEdge, but not for the same discounted rate, and without the integration of products.

Will email component support HTML?
Yes, HTML email capabilities are built into the myMarketing campaigns.

I understand that I have an additional email address with eEdge. How is this different than my current KW email address?
The eEdge email address is your unique identifier with the eEdge system and is the primary piece of data linking your account and details. This will be the email account used when sending out marketing materials and when responding to messages in eEdge.

You can continue to use your email address (or others that are associated with your branding) for general communications outside of the eEdge system. The eEdge email only needs to be used within the eEdge system. The email will function more as a working email since the eEdge email is built into the system and lacks certain functionality that is standard in most email providers.

Is there a limit to the number of emails that I can send from myMarketing?

Yes, the standard marketing email capacity for all KW accounts is 5,000 emails a month. This limit applies to all users (eEdge, Professional, and Business Suite).

What emails count towards the limit?
All email generated out of myMarketing count towards the email limit, including:
  • one-to-many bulk emails
  • emails sent as part of a campaign
  • any single email that is composed and sent to a single client from myMarketing

What emails do NOT count towards the limit?
Email responses and one-off emails sent from myContacts or myLeads do not count towards the email limits. System emails such as listing alerts and Market Insider generated communications also do not count toward the email limits.    


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