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Edit a listing in the KWLS

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2017 08:56AM CDT
You can manually update your listings in the KWLS at any time. Before you are able to make edits in the KWLS, you must first stop the feed coming from your MLS by turning off the ListHub Enabled box:
1. From the myKW home page, hover over the "Technology" tab and choose KWLS from the drop-down.

​2. Uncheck the box labeled "ListHub Enabled" in the "Single Point of Entry" section. This will stop the feed pulling from your MLS and allow you to edit the existing listing in the KWLS.


Now that the ListHub Enabled checkbox is unchecked, you can edit your listing:

3. ​From the KWLS dashboard, click the All link to see all of your listings in the KWLS.


4. Choose the listing you would like to edit by clicking on its MLS number.

5. Once the listing details are pulled up, click the Edit button at the bottom of the page.

6. From the "Listing Details" page, you can edit the listing information in the KWLS.

For Instance:
  • Add your price change in the "Current Price" field, so that listings will be marked as "Price Reduced" on syndication sites.
  • Change the listing status to active, pending, pending contingent, or under contract to have the listing sent out in the feed to the various syndication sites (the expiry date must be in the future to change the listing status to one of these options).
  • Edit your property description, but make sure to lock your description in place so it is not overridden by the MLS feed overnight.

*Note: If the listing has automatically pulled in to the KWLS, ​you will not be able to edit the MLS number for that listing.

5. When you are through, click Save at the bottom of the page.

6.​ Click on the Images tab to add or manage your photos. When your listing pulls in to the KWLS automatically, it will bring in all of the photos you have in the MLS with the import. If you want to manually replace any photos after it pulls in, you have to keep in mind that there is a maximum of 30 photos allowed in this section. You would need to delete some photos and bring the total below 30 to add new photos. Make sure to lock the photos if you manually added in alternate photos
so it is not overridden by the MLS feed overnight.

​7. Click on Dashboard at the top of the page and recheck the "ListHub Enabled" box to ensure that your other listings will continue to stream over.


  • It is important to remember that if the feed from ListHub is turned back on (rechecking the ListHub Enabled box), then your listings will automatically refresh with the details pulling over from the MLS each day. This means if the manual edits are different from what is in the KWLS and you want the edits you made to syndicate out, then you will need to leave the ListHub Enabled box unchecked. This will keep the daily import from erasing the changes you made.
  • The "Description" field and "Photos" are the only areas that can be locked in the KWLS, so as not be overridden by the MLS feed from ListHub. Click here to learn more about locking photos and the description.

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