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Lock the property description and images in the KWLS

Last Updated: May 30, 2017 01:38PM CDT
Listings that are automatically pulled into the KWLS from the MLS will update every night with a daily feed. This means that every night, listing info is updated in the KWLS with what is in the MLS.

Sometimes agents choose to let their listings pull into the KWLS and then make manual edits to the listing. If agents do this and want the edits to stay in place for syndication, they might need to make sure that they keep the "ListHub Enabled" box unchecked on their KWLS dashboard, depending on the fields that are edited. 

Enabling ListHub on the KWLS dashboard will cause the incoming feed to replace any manual edits made in the KWLS, with two exceptions. The "Property Description" field and "Images" section can be locked so that manual edits are not overridden each time the listing info is updated in the KWLS.

*Note: The ListHub Enabled box must be checked or you will not see the option to lock these fields.

To lock either of these fields, please follow the instructions below:

For the Description Field:

1. Once you have saved your edits to the description field in the KWLS, click Dashboard at the top of the page and check the ListHub Enabled box.


2. Click the All link on the KWLS dashboard.

3. Select the listing you just got done editing by clicking on the MLS number for the listing.

4. In the Listing Details page, scroll to the bottom and click the Edit button.

5. Check the box under the description field labeled Check box to lock the description field.


6. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

The description field will now be locked and will not change when the daily feed pulls into the KWLS.

For Listing Photos:

1. From the KWLS dashboard, make sure the ListHub Enabled box is checked.


2. Click the All link on the KWLS dashboard.


3. Select the desired listing by clicking on the MLS number on this list.

4. Click the Images tab under the listing address.


5. Check the box that says Click here to upload additional photos. This will enable you to add new photos. Leaving this box checked will prevent these photos from being replaced with what is in the MLS by the daily import.


*Note: The KWLS can import all of the photos that are in the MLS. However, if you are adding new photos, you will only be able to have a total of thirty photos in the KWLS.
  • If fewer than thirty photos have imported from the MLS and you want to add more to the KWLS, you can do so up to thirty.
  • If more than thirty photos have imported from your MLS and you want to change some of them, you will need to reduce the total number of photos to below thirty to allow room to add more.


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