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Create a Greensheet when your listing is not in the KWLS

Last Updated: Oct 17, 2017 08:37AM CDT
When you are the listing agent creating a Greensheet, your listing must be in the KWLS. When you try to create a listing Greensheet for a listing that is not in your KWLS, the system will route you to the KWLS so that you can manually enter the listing.

This can sometimes cause an issue where the "Market Center" field in the KWLS will not populate; this is caused by the ListHub Enabled checkbox not being unchecked before you create the listing. For more info on the ListHub Enabled checkbox, click here.

​To create a listing Greensheet for a listing that is not already in the KWLS, follow the steps below:

​1. Log on to

​2. Hover over "Technology" at the top of the page and choose Greensheet from the drop-down.

​3. Click Create a Greensheet at the top of the page.

​4. Select the appropriate options from the drop-down menus. For this example, we are the listing agent and our listing has not been entered into the KWLS.

5. The KWLS will open, but before creating our listing, we need to disable the ListHub Enabled checkbox. Click Dashboard at the top of the page.

​6. Uncheck the ListHub Enabled checkbox.

7. Click Create a Listing at the top of the page.

​8. Complete all of the required fields that have a red asterisk next to them.

​9. Click Next at the bottom of the page. If you missed any fields, you will see a message letting you know.

​10. Enter the MLS number for the listing in the field provided. Click Save.

​11. This will take you to the Images tab, but we do not need to add any photos as this will not syndicate out to any sites. Click Details at the top of the page.

​12. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the Greensheet button, and you will see the Greensheet load with all of the listing data prefilled.

 In order for this to work, your listing must have an expiry date that is either today's date or in the future. You will see the Greensheet button in green if the expiry date is in the present/future and you will see it in gray if the expiry date is in the past. If the button is gray and you click on it, you will see a message letting you know that you will not be able to create a Greensheet while the listing is expired.


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