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Edit and share documents in myTransactions

Last Updated: Oct 17, 2017 08:30AM CDT
myTransactions powered by Dotloop is all about completing your real estate transactions in one place. This is the system where you can edit, complete, sign, and share documents without ever needing to print, fax, or email. This article covers working with the standard Dotloop document tools and how to share documents.

First, let's get to a document within a loop:

1. Select a loop from your dashboard. To learn more about creating a loop, click here.

2. Click on a document located within your selected loop.



  • ​Save, print, and download your document.

  • ​Add editable fields to your document, such as a signature field.

  • Add autofill information for specific fields on the document.

  • Check your messages, tasks, and document history.

  • ​Save any changes you make to the document.

  • ​Share the document with the people in your loop.

Add and Edit Text

All of the information that you entered into the "loop details" section will autofill into the document. Any autofilled information will be highlighted in yellow on the document. If you did not add the information in the "loop details," you will see a blank, editable field to type in the information. You can click on any field, even if it is autofilled, and edit the information.

​Scroll down to the bottom of the document, to the signature fields. The document will be auto-labeled with any roles you have set in the Autofill option. By default, our example is showing both Bob Buyer and Susan Seller where to sign, because they were labeled as the buyer and seller in the "loop details."

Hover over an unassigned field and click on Assign Field to add people that need to sign the document. You can add someone who is already on the loop, assign a specific role in which you have assigned a person, or just add a new person directly onto the form and assign a role. Anyone assigned to a signature field will be notified within Dotloop and emailed a reminder to sign the document.

Save and Share Documents

1. You can save the document at any time by clicking Save at the top of the page. You can also click Save & Share if you want to share the document after making a change.

2. When you share the document, a pop-up will have you choose your sharing options. Check the box next to each contact you want to share with and set the permissions for that person. 

3. Click Share when you have chosen your share options. Anyone you have shared the document with will be notified within Dotloop and emailed a reminder to sign the document.


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