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Complete a Greensheet for a Dual Agency Transaction

Last Updated: Apr 09, 2018 03:02PM CDT
 This article ONLY covers the options that need to be selected and fields that need to be edited to submit a Greensheet for a dual agency transaction; not every mandatory field is covered. 

The General Information Section

1. Make sure that Both Listing & Sale is selected in the Transaction “Type” drop-down.

The Price/Commission – Earnest/Escrow Section

1. Enter the Sale Price.

2. Use the radio button, under the "Sale Price" field, to choose a Flat rate or Percentage commission type. This will populate the corresponding commission fields.

3. Complete the “Listing Commission” and “Sale Commission” fields.

The Agent Detail Section

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the “Listing Unit” field and “Sales Unit” field are going to be represented in separate columns and both should have a unit value of 1.

1. The “KW Agent Name” field will autopopulate with the name of the agent who initiated the Greensheet in the "Agent A" column. Choose Listing Specialist for the “Agent Role,” Listing for the “Type,” and Seller for the “Agency."

2. Complete the remaining necessary fields in the "Agent A" column.

3. At the top of the “Agent B” column, click the Add Person (magnifying glass) icon.


4. Search for yourself by first or last name. After you perform the search and have found your name, click Select so that your name populates in the "Agent B" column.

5. In the "Agent B" column, choose Buyer Specialist for the “Agent Role,” Buyer Sale for the “Type,” and Buyer for the “Agency."

6. Complete the remaining necessary fields in the "Agent B" column.

  This article skipped to those sections in the Greensheet that are relevant to a dual agency transaction. Be sure to fill in the remaining mandatory fields on the Greensheet before you submit for approval.

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