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KW Listing Flow and Troubleshooting Considerations

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2018 03:46PM CDT

1) MLS > ListHub

Once a listing is taken, the first thing an agent will do is enter the listing information into their MLS system. Once the listing is entered, ListHub will pull the listing into their system.
  • Your Market Center must have a ListHub KW Connector account set up for each MLS you want ListHub to pull listings from. For more information on these Connector accounts and contact information to set one up, click here.
  • Your listing must have the syndication settings turned on at the MLS level for ListHub to be able to pick up the listing.

If your listing did not pull into the KWLS, a good test to check for this is to go to or and try to find your listing:   
  • If you can find the listing here but not the KWLS, scroll down to section 3) ListHub > KWLS, or click here.
  • If you cannot find your listing here or the KWLS, then there is probably a syndication setting at the MLS level that needs to be adjusted. You can contact your MLS support team to help with this if you have trouble locating the issue.

2) ListHub Listing Syndication

Once ListHub picks up your listing from the MLS, it will syndicate that listing to all of its syndication sites. For a list of these syndication sites, click here.

  • You will notice that some of these sites are specific to certain property types and will only accept listings that meet their criteria. For instance, if you have a single family residential listing, your listing will not appear on even though ListHub is sending your listing to this site. The listing must meet the criteria set by the syndication site.
  • Your broker also has the ability to log in to the ListHub system and choose which sites ListHub will syndicate your Market Center’s listings to. If you notice that your listings are consistently not syndicating to certain sites, check with your broker to find out if there are any sites excluded from syndication at the broker level.

3) ListHub > KWLS​

At the same time that ListHub is syndicating your listing to the syndication sites, it is also sending the listing to the KWLS. Once the listing is in the KWLS, we send any new information that has been added to the listing in the KWLS and send it back to ListHub. The listing information ListHub gets from the KWLS will override anything they are getting from the MLS and will show up on the syndication sites within 24 hours of being added to the KWLS.

This is where most listings get stuck when they are not able to pull into the KWLS. Market Center leadership has access to the ListHub Exceptions Report, which shows all of the listings that are getting stuck at this level and why they are not pulling through to the KWLS. This report will also give you the information needed to fix the issue; click here for more information on this report. Below are the three most common reasons listings fail to pull through at this level:

  • The number one reason listings fail to pull into the KWLS is the ListHub Enabled checkbox within the KWLS. This checkbox is on each agent’s KWLS dashboard and the box must be checked for listings to pull in automatically. In addition to new listings not pulling in, having this box unchecked will cause current listings in the KWLS to stop updating, and eventually they will expire if left unchecked for too long. For more information on the ListHub Enabled checkbox, click here.
  • Another reason that a listing might not pull in to the KWLS is the MLS agent ID, assigned by the MLS. When ListHub pulls the listing from the MLS, it has a unique agent ID attached to it. That same agent ID must also be added to your KW White Pages profile in order for our system to send the listing to the correct agent’s KWLS. If the agent ID in your White Pages profile is missing or incorrect, then the listing will sit in limbo until the correct ID is added (the ListHub Exceptions Report will show your leadership the exact ID that will need to be added). An agent cannot edit this information on their own profile, but must contact their Market Center leadership to get this corrected. For more information on how to add this ID to White Pages, click here.
  • The third most common reason a listing will show up on the ListHub Exceptions Report is that the listing is already in the KWLS, but in an inactive status. The main cause of this is having a Greensheet approved for the listing, which automatically changes the status of the listing to Sold. If an agent has submitted a Greensheet for a listing that is still Active or Pending in the MLS, they will need to find the listing in the KWLS and change the status to Active or one of the Pending statuses.

After you fix any of these issues, the listing will continue to show on the ListHub Exceptions Report until the next morning, when the listings should pull into the KWLS and the report will update with current information. If you are unable to find why a listing is not pulling into the KWLS, contact the KW Support Team and they can dig a little deeper to find the cause (email or call 512-306-7191 MondayFriday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CT).

4) KWLS > Zillow

Keller Williams has an agreement with the Zillow Group that sets up a direct listing feed from the KWLS to Zillow and Trulia, as well as dictates how agent listings are displayed on these sites. In order for your listings to automatically syndicate to Zillow and Trulia, your listing must be active and accepted in the KWLS. To learn more about how KWLS listings should be displayed on Zillow and Trulia, click here.

  • A common reason a listing might not syndicate to Zillow or Trulia is that the listing is not active and accepted in the KWLS. If your listing is in the KWLS, but does not have an active or pending status, then the listing will not syndicate. Once you edit this status in the KWLS to active or pending, the listing will syndicate out overnight. Also, any listing that pulls in automatically to the KWLS will be auto-approved, but if you manually enter a listing into the KWLS, you must ensure that your MCA accepts the listing on their end. To learn more about the active and accepted status in the KWLS, click here.
  • The other main reason listings won’t display on Zillow or Trulia is if you violate the Zillow Listings Quality Policy. The most common infraction involves self-promotion on photos and/or listing descriptions. If Zillow/Trulia’s system finds a listing photo or property description that includes agent information, contact information, logos, marketing, or watermarks, they will remove the content or the entire listing from their site and put a block on any updates to this content. The only way to fix this is to remove the self promoting content from the KWLS and contact the KW Support Team with the details to ensure the block is removed (email or call 512-306-7191 MondayFriday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CT). To see the complete Zillow Listings Quality Policy, click here.

5) KWLS > CloudMORE Listings

Keller Williams has set up a direct feed between the KWLS and CloudMORE Listings to make it easier than ever for an MCA to attach a listing to a Disbursement Authorization (DA).

6) LoneWolf > CloudMORE Listings

Most Market Centers in Canada use transaction management software called LoneWolf. Keller Williams has set up a direct data feed between LoneWolf and CloudMORE Listings to pull the listing data into our system automatically.

  • The main consideration for this listing feed is that LoneWolf does not send agent information over to the KW system. The listings will pull into CloudMORE Listings, but if the MCA does not go in and attach an agent to the listing, then it will not be included in any of the reporting and the production metrics will be inaccurate.


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