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Kelle and Referrals

Last Updated: Jul 19, 2018 08:02AM CDT

Kelle connects with the KW Referral Platform for you to send, receive, and track referrals and build your agent-to-agent referral network from your mobile device. The Grow Your Referral Network article has more information about how to use My Referrals from KWConnect.

Referral Notifications
Kelle will send you push notifications that will display without opening the app. For example, these may be a Referral Request or Network Notification.  To see information about how to set your Push Notifications, review
Adjust Your Notification Settings in KWConnect.


​View and Respond to Notifications
Kelle will also inform you of notifications through the indicator on the notifications icon.   


1. Open the Kelle app to view the new notification. 
  • To learn more about a Referral Request, tap View.
  • To accept a Network Invitation, tap the checkmark icon.
  • To reject a Network Invitation, tap the X icon.   

You can ask Kelle to see the status of your referrals by asking “Show me the status of my referrals”. If you have referrals, the results will display. Scroll to the right to see all of your referrals. 


Receive a Referral Network Request
A Keller Williams agent can send you a request to join their Referral network, and you can quickly respond to their request from Kelle.

1. Tap either Accept or Reject to respond to the request.

Send a Referral Network Request
You can ask a Keller Williams agent to join your Referral Network from Kelle. 
1. To find a specific agent, tell Kelle "Find <name of agent>". 

2. Tap on the desired search results. If there are multiple results, swipe to the right until you find your desired contact. 

3. View the information about the agent. Scroll to the right to view their production numbers for each year and scroll down to read their KWConnect bio, if they have added it.
Tap the dots to see more options, such as view the agent's KWConnect profile, or to tap Invite to Referral Network

Receive Referrals
Kelle notifies you of a Buyer, Seller, or Renter referral along with details such as the price range, referral fee, timeframe, and specific notes. You can easily respond to these requests using Kelle.
1. To view more details about the referral, tap View Details.


2. View the details and consider the timeframe in which you have to respond to the request.
Referrals have a timeframe and expire when you do not respond within the set timeframe. Keep up-to-date with referrals to avoid losing money because the referral expired. 
3. Tap either Accept, Counter, or Reject to respond to the referral.  

When you tap Accept Offer, you can add an optional note for the referring agent.   When you tap Counter Referral, include the referral fee, acceptance deadline, and an optional note to the referring agent.
When you tap Reject Offer, you can add an optional note for the referring agent.

4. Complete the referral by indicating how the referral was completed.

  • Tap either Closed or Did Not Close.
  • Enter a note (optional).
  • Tap Complete.

Send a Referral Request 
You can send a Keller Williams agent a Referral Request from Kelle.
1. To send a Referral Request, tell Kelle "Send a referral to <name of agent>". 


2. Enter the details on the Send Referral screen, including a Note


It is best practice to include a note in your Referral Request to inform the agent about your expectations and to ensure an excellent experience for your client. 

3. Tap Send and Kelle will confirm the referral was sent.

Track Your Referrals
You can track your referrals from Kelle.

1. Ask Kelle to see the status of your referrals by asking "Show me the status of my referrals".

2. The status of your referrals will display.

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