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Last Updated: Dec 20, 2018 02:59PM CST
Lead Accelerator is your digital marketing expert in a box. It is a tool that streamlines ad creation and syndication across multiple channels, both print and digital. The ad campaign creation tool makes it easy to create and activate best-in-class ads all from one central hub. In the future, Kelle will be able to suggest the optimal ad strategy based on your specific context, your goals, and your listing — something only we can do with Keller-scale data.

Access Lead Accelerator

1. Log in to with your Keller Williams credentials. 

2. Click the Lead Accelerator icon,, on the left sidebar. 

The Lead Accelerator main page will display. 

 Click your name to access Command Settings. Click here to learn how to use Settings to connect your outside applications to Keller Cloud. 
You need to have a Facebook Business Page set up in order to create a Facebook or Instagram ad through Lead Accelerator.

 Click Create New to create a print or digital ad through Lead Accelerator. Click here to learn how to create an ad.

 My Marketing Campaigns lists your marketing campaigns through Lead Accelerator. The default is a view of all your campaigns. If you have not created any campaigns, this section will be blank.  Click here to learn how to track your results using the analytics listed above the "My Marketing Campaigns" table. 

 Payment Profile is where you add a credit card, manage your payments, and view your remaining credit. Click here to learn about how to use the "Payment Profile" page.  

It is important to add your credit card to your Payment Profile before you create a social media marketing campaign. 

 Archived Campaigns is where you can view the campaigns you have archived. You can also restore and permanently delete campaigns on this page. Click here to learn about how to use the "Archived Campaigns" page. 

Use the Campaigns tabs, and use Sort by and Order, to change the view of your marketing campaign list. Choose between "All
Campaigns", "Active Campaigns", "Draft Campaigns", and "Past Campaigns".

 Use the Preview, Edit, and Remove icons to preview or make changes to a marketing campaign.     

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