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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019 04:18PM CST
Opportunities is the system that Keller Williams has created that will allow us to track and control the progress of a transaction:

This is still in Labs, but eventually, everything you need for the transaction will be accessible through this system, your Market Center will have a view into the transaction and will be able to handle all of the compliance considerations, and this system will replace Greensheets and WinMORE as we know it today.

Access Opportunities:

1. Log in to with your Keller Williams login credentials.

​2. Click the Opportunities
icon​, on the left sidebar, to access your Opportunities dashboard.

Opportunity Pipeline: Phases and Stages

The Opportunities dashboard shows you a high-level view of your business, including the number of Opportunities per phase and the volume for each, probable commission based on where each Opportunity is at in the process, and insight into your overall Opportunity activity.

The Opportunities system breaks down the transaction process into four phases:
  • Appointment 
  • Active
  • Under Contract
  • Closed

We call this your Opportunity pipeline, and you will have a pipeline for your listings and buyers. Eventually we will add a leases pipeline as well.


The phases for your pipelines are standard, and are not editable. Within each phase, the stages are editable, and you have the ability to create as many as you require.

Each phase is broken up into stages, which you can fully customize to fit your transaction process. By default, we have added a few stages in your pipeline to get you started. From the Opportunities dashboard, click on each phase to see the stages that have been set up.

Edit Your Stages

The first step to getting your Opportunities pipeline set up, is to look at your business and define each stage of the transaction: 


One think to keep in mind, a stage is not a task. Each stage is a period of time in the transaction process that might have multiple tasks and/or outcomes that will need to be happen before you can move to the next stage. Command is still in an early phase of Labs, but once we get our workflow system (Smart Plans) connected, you will be able to associate multiple workflows to each stage, with the ability to automate many of the tasks.

1. Once you have your pipeline planned out, you are ready to edit your stages. Click on each phase to see what has been added by default. Next, click Edit Stages, at the top right of each phase to customize.

2. You will see a list view of your stages and a probability for each. Use the + Add New Stage button, at the top right of the page to add a new stage (which you will then need to edit). On each stage, use the Edit icon,, or the Delete icon,, to control what has been added already. Finally, click and drag any of the stages, up or down, to re-organize.


The probabilities for each stage represent the probability that an Opportunity will go all the way through to close, from this stage. For example, if you are in the "scheduled" stage of the Appointment phase, and you know that only 1/10 of the appointments that you schedule will actually go through to close and get you commission, then add 10% to this stage. 

Within Opportunities, you will see a commission total for each Opportunity pipeline and stage. We take the volume of the listing you attach to each individual Opportunity, look at which stage the Opportunity is in (and the probability associated with that stage), and calculate the volume against the probability percentage set up in that stage. We are basically showing you an estimate of your future income, based on the probabilities you set up in each stage.


3. When editing a new or existing stage, just give it a name and probability, then click the checkmark to the right to save.

Now that you have set up your phases and stages, it's time to start creating Opportunities. Each Opportunity will be attached to a contact in your database, and you will create Opportunities through your Contacts. Click here to learn more about creating an Opportunity.

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