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eEdge Email and Reminders

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2017 02:38PM CST

Every KW agent gets access to two email accounts through Keller Williams. The first is your "" Gmail account. The second is your eEdge email. Your eEdge email account is provided to you for lead capture and marketing purposes.

How to find your eEdge email address​​

1. From the myKW home page, click New Leads under "myLeads" in the eEdge Control Panel.


2. Once in the eEdge account, click the drop-down arrow next to your profile picture in the top right of the page and select My Account.


3. You will find the eEdge email address on this page in the "Profile Details" section.
  • This email address is not editable. If you need to change this email address, contact Market Leader Support at 1-800-491-4234.


​Find your eEdge email inbox
​To find the eEdge email inbox from within eEdge, click on the Envelope icon at the top right of the page.

To find the eEdge email inbox from your myKW home page, click ​eEdge Messages under "myEmail" in the eEdge Control Panel.


Managing your eEdge email and reminders

Compose an email

1. From the inbox, click the Compose Email button.


​2. Add a contact by clicking the red To: button.
  • ​Recipients receive their own copy of the email and will not see the other recipients when they view the email.


3. You can add individual contacts or add all eligible contacts. You can filter this list by group, contact status, name or email. Every eligible contact in the right-hand column will receive the email.


4. Make sure to click Save & Continue.
  • If the recipient is not a contact, you can also type an email address in the "To:" field. Add a comma after the email address to separate it from the next recipient.
5. Enter a Subject and compose your email.

6. Click Send Now when ready.​

For more info on composing an eEdge email, click here.​

Manage your inbox

When in the eEdge inbox, you also have the ability to view your email "Archive," "Sent Items," and manage your "Reminders." Market Leader Pro members also have the option to create and view "Scheduled Emails."


​You have the ability to reply to an email, archive an email, add the sender as a contact or delete an email from the inbox view.


For more information on managing your eEdge inbox, click here.


A reminder is a text note with a due date that appears in your system when an action or follow-up is due. A reminder can optionally have contacts assigned to it, so you know which contacts require the action in your reminder. Reminders can be created by you or the system, depending on the action. For instance, when a contact saves a listing, an automatic reminder will be added in the system to remind you to follow up with them.

To view your reminders from within eEdge, click on the Alarm Clock icon at the top right of the page.


To create a reminder, click on the Add a Reminder button.


You can also create a reminder from within a contact's details page. Go into the contact details page and click on the Reminders link and choose Add a Reminder.


To search for existing reminders, follow the steps below:

1. Click the "Type Filter" drop-down box and check the boxes of the reminder types that you would like to view.


2. Click the Calendar icon in the "Date Filter" section to search for reminders in a specific date range.


3. Choose to view reminders that you have completed, have not completed, or all reminders from the "Complete Filter."


Once you have the desired reminders pulled up on the list, you have the ability to Edit, Mark as Complete or Delete a reminder.


For more information on eEdge reminders, click here.


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