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Create a new marketing campaign

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2017 02:44PM CST

A campaign is a marketing tool that allows you to schedule, in advance, marketing materials to be sent to your contacts to keep you top of mind. To create a campaign in your eEdge account, follow the steps below:

1. ​
From your myKW home page click the + icon next to "myMarketing" and choose​ Manage and Create Campaigns.


2. Click the Add New Campaign button at the top right of the page.



4. Select your search options or browse the campaign library to find the right campaign for your message, then click Search. ​


5. In the list of results, you can preview the specific touches in any campaign by clicking Show Campaign Step Details.


6. You’ll see a thumbnail of each touch and its delivery method. When you find a campaign you want to use, click Choose this Template.

7. ​After choosing your template, you’ll see this campaign overview screen. This will later serve as your performance dashboard for your campaign after you launch it, as indicated by the metrics across the top of the screen. Click Edit in any of the four areas listed to customize your campaign.


Editing the campaign name allows you to customize the name of your campaign so you can easily identify it later. Click Save & Continue after making a change to the name.​


Review and Configure Steps to personalize any of the existing steps (touches), remove touches or add new ones. Click Save & Continue after making any changes in this area.
  • You can adjust the email subject line as well as the delivery date of each touch.
  • Delete a step by clicking on the X icon at the top right on the step.
  • Add a step to your campaign by clicking the Add Step button at the top right of the first step.

Add or Remove Contacts​ to personalize who you want this campaign to go to. You can add an entire group using the "Groups" tab or use the "Contacts" tab to add individual contacts. Both tabs have an option to "add all." Every eligible contact in the right hand column will receive the campaign emails, once saved.


Review and Active your campaign​. Your campaign will remain inactive (it will not start) until you check the box to acknowledge that you’ve reviewed the campaign and associated terms and conditions.
  • Choose whether you would like to add these contacts to a new campaign once this campaign is complete using the drop down box.
  • The Showcase Properties feature allows you to spotlight specific properties that you’ve selected as your featured listings (in the “Market My Listings” section of eEdge).
  • Activate Campaign: The steps will be scheduled for delivery on their respective due dates and your campaign will automatically be saved in My Saved Campaigns (for access later).
  • Save Campaign: Save it to be started later. You can access it from “My Saved Campaigns.”


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