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Last Updated: May 14, 2018 03:58PM CDT
You are a member of the largest, most powerful network of real estate professionals. With the KW Referral Platform, you can seamlessly send, track and receive referrals all in one place the Keller Cloud! Take full advantage of it by growing and leveraging a vast referral network without toggling between texts, emails, and spreadsheets.

To learn how to grow your KW Referral Network or to find an agent to send a referral to, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to

 If you are unable to log in, click here for the steps to recover your login credentials.

2. At the top of the page, click My Referrals.

3. From the Referrals home page, click Grow My Network.

Map Search  

The Referrals map search makes it easier than ever to search for agents in the United States and Canada to add to your Referral Network. Utilizing the map, search, and filters, you can narrow your search to find the right agent and the right time for your referrals. Below, we have highlighted a few of the key map features that you can use when searching:

If you know exactly who you are looking for, use the Name Search at the top right of the page to find and add them to your network. Once found in the results list, click their name to add them to your network.

On the map, you will see red circles that represent Market Centers. If there is a number in the circle, it will indicate how many Market Centers are in that local area. Zooming in will give you a better idea of their exact location. 

To the right of the map, you will find a location search. Enter a city or zip code, and be sure to choose the location from the results list that will appear as you type.

Find an Agent   

Once you search for a city or zip code, or zoom in close enough, you will see agent results appear on the right side of the map. These results will update in real time to reflect the exact areas shown on the map and any search features you have utilized. The map below highlights the search features that will allow you to pinpoint the perfect agent for your Referral Network:

Use the filters above the map to narrow your results. The production filters will allow you to refine the results based on a minimum number of closed units, listings sold, buyer sales, and lease transactions. The KW Specializations filter will allow you to find agents who are KW MAPS clients or who are affiliated with a KW membership division.

The production numbers and specialization statuses the filters are searching represent information from the last 12-month period. This is to ensure the data is current.

When searching the map, click on a Market Center icon, , to apply a Market Center filter to your search results. Any agents who are not in that specific Market Center will be removed from the results, and filters you previously applied will stay in place. 

By default, the results list will be randomized when you initially begin a search. Click the Sort by drop-down to organize the results list alphabetically by first name or by the number of closed units, listings sold, buyer sales, or lease transactions.

In the results list, a teal circle, , at the bottom right of a profile picture indicates a team. Only the rainmaker will show in the results list, and if you click the team icon, it will show a list of the team members.

From the results list, you will only be able to add the rainmaker to your network. If you want to add a team member, use the name search to find and add the associate. 

Add to Your Referral Network  

Once you narrow down the results and find the right associate, you have the option of adding them to your Referral Network or sending them a referral directly from the results list. Click the corresponding icon to the right of their name.

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