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Track and Manage Your Referrals

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2018 04:30PM CDT

1. Log in to
If you are unable to log in, click here for the steps to recover your login credentials.

2. At the top of the page, click My Referrals.

3. Click the Go to Referrals button.

The Referrals Dashboard

When you receive a referral, you will have 1
96 hours to respond, depending on how they set up the Referral Request. When you look at the Awaiting Response column on the Referrals Dashboard, you will see how long you have to respond, right above the Price Range field.

You have the option to Accept or Reject the offer, and the system will give you the option of leaving a note; or, you can Counter the offer, and the system will have you set a new Referral Fee, Acceptance Deadline, and add a note. When you choose any of these options, the pop-up will display the agent's phone number and email address, if you want to reach out directly.

The Inbound column represents Referral Requests that were sent to you and that have been approved; it is up to you to close the referral at the right time. When you click the Close Referral button, a pop-up will appear where you will indicate whether this transaction closed or not. If you choose Closed, it means the transaction is complete and you can discuss payment. If you choose Did Not Close, the system will prompt you to provide a reason for why the transaction did not close. Click Submit to complete the closing process.

Click the Activity Log button on any referral in your Referrals Dashboard to see a time-stamped log of the history and any notes that have been sent. You can view the Activity Log of accepted or pending referrals.

At the top right of the Referrals Dashboard, click the View Closed Referrals button to view the history of all the referrals you have sent or received through the Referrals platform. From this page, you can view the detailed Activity Log for any of these individual referrals. There are four components to this list:

  • Expired - If a Referral Request is not responded to within the established "Acceptance Deadline," it will show in this section.
  • Rejected - This will show any referral you sent that was rejected by the receiving agent.
  • Lost - This section is when a referral was accepted, but the deal never went through. On each of these referrals, you will see the reason the deal didn't close.
  • Funded - This section will show all of your successful referrals.

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