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  • April Grounds

    For commissions in Command. What do the Letters before the DA ID mean? Actually, what does this mean? U=Unposted

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  • Trish Lindahl

    Hi April! 

    Great question! These represent different statuses from the MCA's WinMORE system. I have added the different statuses below:

    The MCA from your market center can better assist with all the different types of statuses for a DA and what they mean. There is an article on this, however, it is an MCA specific article that your roles would not give you access to view.

    I: When entering a new DA, the status is I for “Incomplete.”

    U: When the DA is saved with associate information, the status changes to “U for Under Contract.”

    P: When you post a DA, the status changes to “P for Posted.”

    T: When you terminate a DA, the status changes to “T for Terminated.”

    You can also reach out to for more information on DA statuses, please include screenshots of what exactly you are seeing as this always helps us better assist you!


    Thank you and take care,

    Trisha Lindahl

    KW Tech Support

    Tier 2

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  • Adam Nicholas

    Just seeking clarification on the Co-Broker payment.  Is this meant for any payment from the settlement check we receive that's not a referral/rebate/etc.?  (So for example if half is being paid to the buyer's agent, or if there are seller sub-agents and the check was not split up by the closing attorneys.)  If so, then do we enter the amount of the check we receive, or only the commission we're *keeping* in the "Commission" field?  My understanding from reading this guide is to enter only the commission, so for example if the check is for $10,000 but we have to pay the external buyer's agent $5000, then we would put the Commission as $5000 (and if we have 2 brokers splitting they would each get 0.5 units for $2500 each.)

    We are just having an internal debate with our controller saying the Commission field needs to match the amount of the check, but I can't see any way of doing that. We have to assign 1.0 units, and each broker would only get 0.25 units if using the check amount ($10k) vs. just our portion ($5k), leaving 0.5 units unclaimed.  (If I try to submit that, I get an error.)

    From the description in the guide, it sounds like the payment to co-brokers is extra, not taken from the Commission amount but added on.  So we just want to verify this is correct.  The final result would show a commission of $5,000, co-broker payment of $5,000, Broker A payment of $2500 and Broker B payment of $2500.  I think maybe because the actual check amount isn't shown anywhere that this is confusing our controller, it looks like it's supposed to be part of the tally to add up to the Commission amount, but again I can't see another way of entering it.  

    This is a super helpful guide, btw!!  One additional suggestion that might help is if you follow one test case through each step in your screenshots, then we could see how each piece would add up together in one deal.  The co-broker section has a blank screen-shot so there's no way to see how it would look in the final result when everything is tallied up.  If we followed the same "Jessica Campbell" sale with a co-broker, referral, donation, etc. that would be a big help to check our own work against.  

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Trish Lindahl

    Good morning Adam,

    I acknowledge the delay in getting this answer to you. For a quicker response we do recommend that you use the Support button in the bottom right or you can reach the Support Team at

    For this particular issue, the Co-Broker Payment is in addition to the Commission. Meaning that it is not calculated out of the actual Commission like the "Add another agent, Outside Referral, Bonus, Deduction, and Concession are. The Co-Broker payment will appear on the right hand side where your final Commission will appear but the Co-Broker payment will be below it as a separate cost again not taken out of the Commission.

    The add another agent feature is another agent within your MC and this is taken out of the Commission as well as you would use a unit for this. I recommend also reaching out to your MCA for the best instructions on how you should create your Commission.

    I will reach out to our team that updates these articles and let them know the feedback of adding an example as I do agree that is needed.

    Thank you and have an awesome week!


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